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I am Jared Britt.


I have been creating compelling, story-driven visuals since 2017, During my filmmaking career, I have partnered with the #1 fishing tackle retailer on Amazon, KastKing, to create content, and other companies as well. Though I enjoy product work and ad campaigns, I thrive when I can elicit visceral, emotional responses from an audience. from short-form narrative films, documentary work, music videos, or even ad campaigns, my goal will always be to let emotional response guide the story and visuals.

I have developed my visual style over the years by combining new and evolving camera technologies like 4 and 6k resolutions with vintage stills lenses to soften the overly sharp images and tone down the saturated colors. as a filmmaker, I tend to lean into a more cinematic look and an image reminiscent of early video. I believe in the power of visual language and I think that language is universal across not just regions but generations as well.

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